Guest Speaker Pastor Jonathan miller

Our good friend Pastor Jonathan Miller will be joining us for Sunday Worship Services at 10 and 11:30 am on January 29th, 2017. You’ll have the opportunity to hear a powerful message of God’s healing power.

Here’s a little more about Pastor Jonathan Miller.

Pastor Jonathan Miller has been actively involved in ministry since the age of 9. Both of his parents are ordained ministers and throughout his childhood, he observed the church through the eyes of being a “preacher’s kid.”

At age 17, he began traveling and ministering throughout the United States. Consumed by the fire of evangelism, he saw thousands accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In 2000, at the age of 20, Jonathan became the senior pastor of New Beginnings Healing Center. in Defiance, Ohio. During this time, the Lord released a supernatural anointing onto his life for the physical healing of the sick.

Since then, countless numbers of people have been miraculously healed through the ministry of laying on of hands. Many healings have been verified by doctors. People have been healed of cancer, diabetes, paralysis, heart disease, kidney disease, emphysema, lupus, seizures, arthritis, strokes, torn cartilage, migraine headaches, and ruptured discs. Barren wombs have been supernaturally opened. Several have been healed of deafness and blindness. Creative miracles have taken place. For example, a man suffering from Crohn’s disease, who had his lower intestines surgically removed, through the power of prayer, experienced the recreation of his lower intestines that had been surgically removed. The doctors testified that this had to be a miracle from God!

In 2006, Pastor Jonathan Miller and his wife, Cristina, obeyed God’s call to move to Orlando, Florida to establish a new church. Since the launching of the New Beginnings Healing Center in Orlando, hundreds have received salvation, physical healing, and spiritual freedom through the anointing and presence of the Lord. The church is a family oriented ministry, committed to meeting the spiritual needs of the entire family. The congregation is harvest-minded, committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, focused on souls coming to the foot of the cross. The church is growing and thriving at a rapid rate.

Although Pastor Jonathan Miller is a young man, he has spoken in some of America’s largest churches. God has opened many doors for him to minister the Word on Christian Television and on Radio Broadcasts, including guest appearances on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” program, “Behind the Scenes” program, and “Hope Builders” program with Steve Brock. He has also appeared on Daystar’s “Celebration” program as a featured guest with hosts Marcus and Joni Lamb. He has hosted telethons for Christian Television Network (CTN) with Dr. Glenn Plummer Chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters Network (NRB), as well as done guest appearances on the WORD Network.. Magazine, “Gospel Today,” has listed Pastor Miller as one of America’s top 10 young preachers.

Recently, Pastor Jonathan Miller has released his first book, entitled, “Healed to Minister.” The principles on the pages of this book chart his personal life’s journey from iniquity and dysfunction to healing and wholeness that he found in Jesus Christ in the midst of fiery trials and times of crisis. “Healed to Minister” deals with core issues, addressing the root cause of dysfunctional behaviors and clearly answers the question of “how” to live free.