The Champions Brand is meant to guide decision making through all phases of creativity and strategic planning. The rules within are meant to lay the ground work, and like many rules, some of them can be bent and even broken with reason.

There are teams, ministries and events that will allow for far more flexibility and creativity, but we are getting big, and we’ll only get bigger. That means we’ve got to be very intentional about what we do and say. This will allow us to communicate clearly and avoid confusing guests.

Champions Community Church is dynamic and ever-changing, so this info will follow suit. The current version of our brand book is 1.0, last updated Nov 10, 2016. If you download the book, and you want to double check that it’s still current, please reach out to the Communications Team.


We’d like to be mindful of consistency of the brand within every touch-point at Champions. So if you have a project that requires any painting, pull this up and show it to the person at the paint counter.

Have you actually sat in church lately?