Have you ever been to a church where you felt a little bit awkward? You came in and didn’t see people that looked like you. Maybe they were all one culture, or maybe you felt out of place because of your age. That’s not us at all. We’re Champions Community Church – a diverse, Bible-based church dedicated to showing the love of Jesus to our community in Northwest Houston, Texas. We assume that you know a little bit about Champions or you wouldn’t be here, but maybe you need to know more about us and the kind of people we are. That’s cool, we’re curious people, too. See who we are and what we do here, and keep scrolling to see what to expect on your first visit. Maybe you’ve never been to a church, and you want to see what this place is all about. That’s cool too. We’re genuine people that genuinely love people. We all have issues and struggle with different things, but what brings us together is, we really love Jesus. We also have a real sense of humor as you may be able to tell after 10 clicks. We really #LoveHouston. We show that love in lots of different ways. The Friday Night Block Party, where we give hundreds of people a safe place to hang out every Friday night, give them something hot to eat and something cold to drink. Various giveaways like backpacks filled with school supplies, bikes, shoes, winter coats, or giving away all of our creative, digital and print elements to other churches. We’re building a facility on campus for short-term transitional housing to help underprivileged single mothers get back on their feet. We give, give, give, ’cause we know that’s what Jesus did, and we want to serve our community like He would’ve. Take a peek at our News, our Instagram and our Facebook accounts if you haven’t already. We like to have fun! It was 24 clicks if you’ve made it this far, but nobody’s counting. See you Sunday.



We’re located on Bammel N. Houston, right next to Klein Forest High school, in between Beltway 8 and Veterans Memorial Dr. If this is your first time, park right up front, smack-dab in the middle. If the parking lot is completely full, there will be an officer or a parking lot attendant to guide you.


When you enter the auditorium, it will most likely be dimly lit, and the music will be pretty loud. We do this so that you can focus on your worship – on Jesus – and not on the person next to you. Occasionally, we get requests to turn the volume down. Politely, we will not turn it down. We do, however, have some earplugs for you in the lobby. Just ask an usher or greeter.


The atmosphere is that of a concert. Everyone’s excited to be there, happy to shake last week loose, and make a little noise to start the week off right. Our Worship Team performs a mixture of contemporary Christian music and Gospel, with a live band at 10:00 and 11:30am each and every Sunday.


The message is straight out of the bible – taught in a practical, applicable way with relevant analogies and a genuine sense of humor. These are not the “beat you over the head with the Bible” services from your Granny’s church.


What do I wear!!? Whatever you want. Some folks are in their Sunday best and others are in sweats and slides. Whatever makes you feel comfy – wear that.


9:00am Bible Study with Senior Pastor Steve Austin is a no holds barred, matter of fact service, and you will question yourself, but you’ll also laugh a lot and cry a little. Most of all, you’ll be filled with the infallible Word of God, as shared by a man whose seen it all and probably done it twice.


10:00 and 11:30am Worship Experiences with Lead Pastor Chase Austin will dig into the Word of God, the surroundings, theology and backstories of the men that made Jesus famous, and how it applies to your every day life. When Associate Pastor Matt Austin preaches, it will be an electric atmosphere, focused on overcoming what we face every day, but are often too proud or scared to admit openly.


When you enter the building, make a right towards the Children’s Ministry wing, and follow the signage or ask someone to help you find your way.


  • Check-in your kids at one of our computerized stations. If you’re new, our friendly host team will be happy to walk you through the process.


  • We use a numbered security system. You’ll get a number—your kids will get a matching one. Hang on to that number—you’ll need it to pick up your kids when you go home or in case of an emergency during service, it’ll appear on the screens to notify you.


  • Children will learn basic truths: God loves them, God made them, Jesus wants to be their friend forever, they can make right choices, treat people how they want to be treated, and they can trust God. They will learn this through engaging worship, fun crafts, age-appropriate Bible-based teaching, interaction with friends and caring teachers.


  • You can rest assured that your kids are in a safe place. Every team member in our Children’s Ministry has gone through an extensive background check, and have been trained for emergencies.

Want to see what service is like on a Sunday?